Most millennials have zero trouble accessing compassion for others, but when it comes to lending that same compassion to themselves, they fall short.
At Mount, Winds and Poems, we are thrilled to announce our first conversation series Maitri, which will be centered around exploring love and the self.

For #NationalPoetryMonth, we collaborated with poets on themes of love and the self.

Our first collaboration was with Minahil Abideen. Read our full conversation with her here: From Dysphoria to Euphoria

Our Second collaboration was with Kanwal Rahim, a daughter of the Indus River and the Sindhu peoples, Kanwal often weaves dance, storytelling and humour into all her artistic expressions. She works and plays at the intersection of theatre, sustainable community-building and meditative arts where she strives to understand how stories shape human relationships, resilience and r/evolutions.


Our third collaboration was with Baqir Talpur aka Word Montage. Born in a small village in khairpur district, Baqir grew up listening to Sufi music. To him, art is more of something he uses to fill in the void of the world. It’s a way to see both the good and the bad, in things that normally project one dimensional image. In his poetry, Talpur likes to empathize through a parallel world perspective.



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